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2.06sStand down! Everybody, stand down!
2.53sI'm the leader ofthese people, and I'm unarmed.
2.56sThere's no need for any more snake-makery.
1.19sMy name is Rick Sanchez.
1.23sThis here is my grandson, Marty,
0sALL: Hi, Marty,
4.3sI've seen enough ofthe Galaxy to know what we've got here is a Cromulon from the Signus Five Expanse.
2.87sSo you can forget about nukes, and you can forget about math.
3.54sThis head won't go away until Earth shows them it's got...
1.66sa hit song,
1.49s- A hit song? - We can't possibly --
0sYou mean like Vivaldi?
1.99sNo, Frasier.
3.4sA live performance of a newly written, catchy original song,
3.13sThe Cromulon feed on the talent and showmanship of less-evolved life-forms.
1.73sAll right, all right. Thank you, Mr. Sanchez.
1.16sChange of plan, people,
1.16sGet me Pharrell, Randy Newman,
2.87sBilly Corgan, and The-Dream.