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2.13sAbort launch! Abort! Hello?
1.3sHe's blocked me out.
2.56sSir, I need to get to the stage and help Rick get Schwifty!
1.63sIt won't matter how Schwifty you get, Marty,
2.93sThe General's got nukes set to launch halfway through Earth's song!
2.13sOh, my god! Uh, c-can you fly a Black Hawk?
2.03sCan the Pope's dick fit through a doughnut?
1.97sUh, l'm...not sure.
2.7sShow me what you got!
1.59sJ, Lapoo lapoo lapoo dops J,
1.8sJ, Napoo napoo napoo nots J,
2.47sHeadward, free now to rise.
1.3sHey, look at the Heads!
1.59sLooks like the Heads are getting angry!
1.76sPRESIDENT: I'm really bad at this, Marty!
1.4sThere are way too many buttons in this thing!
4.9sMr. President, if I've learned one thing today it's that sometimes you have to not give a fuck.