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1.97swho's to say what's right or wrong ?
3.23sBut right now my gut's telling me, bleed Gramps dry.
2.6sAh, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. Welcome.
3.57sHello, Reverend. We're glad we could come. Hello, Helen.
2.44sHello, Marge. Why, Homer Simpson.
2.27sHere to give your marriage a little spit shine ?
1.9sNone of your business, Flanders.
3.5sSay, Reverend, are we gonna get a chance to do any fishing ?
1.8sOh, I'm afraid not.
2.24sA marriage can't be reconciled in a few hours, Homer.
2.03sIt takes a whole weekend to do that.
2.37sOh. We must bait our hooks with honesty.
3.44sThat way a happy marriage won't be the one that got away.
3.84sI see. I also understand bowling expressions.
2.7sAh, three couples. Our best turnout yet.
3.1sWhy don't we go around the room and everyone can introduce themselves...
2.2sand tell us a little bit about why they're here.
1.45sjohn ? Gloria ?
1.12sMy name's Gloria.
4.17sI'm here because johnny boy hasn't been able to cut it man-wise...
1.87sfor some time.
4.57sNot that I'd want his odor of gin and sour defeat pressed against me.