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1.85sCatfish Lake.
1.94sOh, after General Sherman, are ya ?
2.3sWait a minute. Who's General Sherman ?
2.57s- He's only the biggest catfish in these parts. - Oh, yeah ?
3.1s- They say he weighs upwards of 500 pounds. - Who says that ?
2.7sThey do. Oh.
2.1sThat there's the only known picture of the General.
2.87sCan't see what he is exactly. He's freakishly big, though.
5.17sHmm. Gentlemen, I am going to catch General Sherman.
2.37s- Ooh ! - Oh, my !
2.7sAfter the supermarket, we'll go to the video store,
3.24sgrab a Krusty Burger and head for the arcade.
2.84sBart, Grampa's a kindly old man who trusts us.
2.14sAre you sure it's right to take advantage of him ?
2.67sLis, in these crazy, topsy-turvy times,
1.97swho's to say what's right or wrong ?
3.23sBut right now my gut's telling me, bleed Gramps dry.
2.6sAh, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. Welcome.
3.57sHello, Reverend. We're glad we could come. Hello, Helen.