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2.37sMarriage encounter weekend, here I come.
3.67sNow you wanna go ? They're holding it at Catfish Lake.
4.87sThey couldn't call it Catfish Lake if it didn't have a catfish in it.
2.54sWe're going to this retreat to give our marriage a tune-up and that's all.
2.04s- No fishing. - Oh !
1.83sThat must be the baby-sitter.
4.5sHello. I'm Mrs. Simpson. Simpson. Simpson.
0.35sCome back for more, eh ?
2.54sHey ! What ? What ?
3.27sOh, my. Where are we supposed to get a sitter on such short notice ?
4.27sOh, dear. If we can't find a baby-sitter, we can't go.
1.85sWhat a kick in the teeth.
3.05sWhat do you need a baby-sitter for ? I'm almost ten and a half.
2.37sMom, you wouldn't dare. Don't take that tone with me, young lady,
1.93sor I'll give you a taste of the back of me hand. No, you don't.
2.34sGrampa ? Hey ! Ah ! Who ? What ?