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1.78sor those just in need of a tune-up.
1.49sHmm ?
0.42sIf you wish to participate,
2.53splease sign up in the lobby after the service is over.
2.54sWill the Simpsons be attending our little retreat ?
2.57sOh, well, it's very tempting.
3.6sReally, a wonderful idea. Marge ! Whoa ! What are you doing ?
3.9sAre you insane ? No ! Give me the pencil !
1.77sWe'll be there. Doh !
2.37sMarriage encounter weekend, here I come.
3.67sNow you wanna go ? They're holding it at Catfish Lake.
4.87sThey couldn't call it Catfish Lake if it didn't have a catfish in it.
2.54sWe're going to this retreat to give our marriage a tune-up and that's all.
2.04s- No fishing. - Oh !