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2.97sHomer, please. We've never thrown a party.
2.73sNow we're gonna pay back all the friends who've invited us to their homes.
2.74sNever thrown a party ? What about that big bash we had...
3.07swith all the champagne and musicians and holy men and everything.
1.8s- That was our wedding. - Oh.
0.52sChildren, it's time for you to go to bed.
2.18sBut, Mom, I wanna hear...
1.9sthe witty banter of sophisticated adults.
1.95sYeah, you can't have any fun in bed.
3.47sOh, son, when you're older, you'll know better.
5.05sMmm. Oh, baby. Mmm.
1.95sYeah.- Oh, they're here.
2.7sHow does everything look ? Do we have enough glasses ? How do I look ?
1.87sDo we have enough gag ice cubes ? Homer, put a record on.
1.84sWhat are our friends' names, again ? Children, go !
3.94sIt's not unusual Hi, Homer. How are you ? Hi, Marge.
2.83sYou look lovely tonight. And the house. You've done...
2.37sAnybody mind if I serve as bartender ?
2.1sI have a Ph.D. in mixology.
2.1sCollege boy.
3.17sHey, Homer, care to try some of my Flanders Planters punch ?
2.52sWhy not ? I paid for it.