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4.37sTell my friends ? All right, but I got some pretty funky friends.
4.44sAll right. I get out at noon and I'm already invited to a party.
2.77sNow, this is a trust exercise.
3.5sYou fall backwards and rely on your spouse to catch you.
1.69sDo I have to do this ?
2.37sEven if your husband were here, I wouldn't recommend it.
2.67sMarge, as a trained marriage counselor,
2.97sthis is the first instance where I've ever told one partner...
1.97sthat they were 100% right.
4.84sIt's all his fault, and I'm willing to put that in a certificate you can frame.
1.6sOver there
2.97sSend the word, send the word over there
0.42sThat the Yanks are coming--
4.07sOkay, fish, you're probably wondering why I'm still here.
2.74sCatching you will make me the most famous fisherman there is,
2sright up there with...