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2.44sI don't know how that cocaine got in there.
2.33sMa'am, this bag contains a concealed weapon.
1.97sI'm gonna have to place you under arrest.
2.99sOh, my goodness, how did that get in there?
1.6sYou're gonna have to come with us, ma'am.
1.3sWhat happened to the coke?
1.07sThere's no coke in here.
2.5sOh, fuck, Ricardo's gonna kill me.
1.2sThis is nice, Joe.
3.84sA night out, a good dinner. Thank you so much.
1.48sWell, I wanted to do something special.
2.2sShow you how much I appreciate all the hard work you've been doing.
2.43sIt's been my pleasure.
2.7sSo, listen, there's something I wanted to talk to you about.
1.13sWhat's that?
2.67sDo you ever think about having another baby?
3.09sI don't know. I guess I'm open to it.
3.19sReally? Oh, that's great! So, I'll get off the pill...
1.53sWhat do you mean?
1.82sNothing. Nothing. Forget it.
4.44sI... I think I'm just a little scattered tonight. I'm probably just PMS-ing.