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1.57sHow are your eggs, Joe?
2.53sIf he doesn't say anything about me calling him "Joe,"
2.23sthat means we're truly in love.
3.04sShe just called me "Joe." That's kind of weird.
2.67sBut I'll just let it slide. She's got nothing going on.
2.13sBesides, what harm could it do?
1.58sThey're delicious, Meg. Thanks.
2.5sYou're welcome, Joe.
2.05sShit, I should have said something.
3.4sHe let me say it twice now. It's like we're married.
1.87s(MALE VOICE) This is Patrick Stewart.
2.33sHow are you liking the program so far?
2.32sWhat makes you think we're gonna find Evil Stewie here?
2.52sWell, you recall that boy who knocked over my sand building.
1.54sThis is his house.
2.38sAnd since the clone has the exact same memories that I have,
2.97smy guess is he'll show up here to exact his revenge.
1.85sHere he comes. Get down.