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1.97s(MUFFLED TALKING) Easy, easy, man, easy.
3.72s(GASPING) What the hell is your problem?
1.4sMe? What did I do?
1.67sYou're the one going all Michael Hutchence over here.
2.22sYou just stay away from me, you psychopath.
1.4sHey. Ow!
1.23sLook, I don't know what's going on here,
2.85sbut don't be throwing things, because that's just not safe.
2.2s(GASPING) What?
2sOh, my God.
1.33sGood Lord!
2.75sI am a genius.
1.68sWhat is it?
2.58sDon't you see, Brian? My machine did work.
2.37sIt created an evil clone of me.
1.4sThat's why I didn't feel more evil.
1.73sAll the evil energy went into him.
1.77sWell, kill it. It almost choked me to death.
2.84sI shall do no such thing, Brian. It must be studied.
2.57sIf I can decode the genetic puzzle of this being,
4.45sperhaps I can determine how to apply it to my own neurological makeup.
3.24sEvil Stewie, come with me. We're going to run a few tests on...