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1.2sYou're welcome.
3.27sHang on, there's a red light. Got to hit the brakes.
7.96s(BLOWING) (BREAKS SQUEAKING) So, I hear you teenage girls are pretty hot on that Nic Cage.
1.53sNo, not really.
3.1s(CHUCKLES) Okay.
2.27sHey, can you tell me what Lady Gaga is?
4.79sIs that a band, or a soda, or a store,
2.27sor one of those terms like "donkey punch"?
1.54sIs it a douche?
1.75sIs Lady Gaga a douche?
1.57sI don't think so.
2.44sWell, whatever it is, I like it.
1.47sGreen light.
2.85sIs it hard being a paraplegic?
1.62sWell, it's no picnic.
2.89sUnless your version of a picnic is being the basket.
2.09sWell, you seem like you have a good attitude about it.
2.49sYeah, you know, it's like we handicapped people say,
3.67s"When life ruins your legs, you just got to make legonade."