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1.63sAll right, look, maybe I'm wrong.
3.4sMaybe I misread a few of Meg's signals.
1.78sSorry I bothered you.
3.44sExcuse me, Lois, I have to go make a phone call.
4.27s(DIALING) Hey, wheely stupid head, I heard you think Meg likes you.
3.37sJOE: Who is this? How are you getting this information?
3.32s(SNIFFING) Oh, my God, Joe was here.
1.22sYeah, he just left.
3.99sI know. I can feel him. I can smell him.
1.55sMmm! I can taste him.
4.8sOkay, I get the smell part. But, Meg, I think we have to have a talk.
4.19sSweetheart, you don't... You don't have a crush on Joe, do you?
1.33sI don't know.
3.22sOh, my God, you do have a crush on him.
1.93sWhat, Mom? Why shouldn't I like him?
2.27sWhen I'm with him, he makes me happy.
1.67sAnd he needs me.
4.67sMeg, you're fooling yourself. It's classic Florence Nightingale Syndrome.