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3.19sReally? Oh, that's great! So, I'll get off the pill...
1.53sWhat do you mean?
1.82sNothing. Nothing. Forget it.
4.44sI... I think I'm just a little scattered tonight. I'm probably just PMS-ing.
1.5sOh, grody.
2.43sHey, this is supposed to be a fun night. What's wrong with you?
1.93sYou know, I could ask the same of you.
2.94sWe haven't made love in two weeks.
1.63sWe haven't made love ever!
3.82s(CRYING) Great! Now you've upset the baby!
3.7s(EXCLAIMING) Oh, God!
3.37s(PATRICK STEWERT'S VOICE) This feels right, but it tastes like a dirty penny.
2.14sThis is ridiculous. Evil Stewie could be anywhere.