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2.25sWell, Chief, I'm here because I want you to put me on the Briggs case.
1.47sAbsolutely not.
2sCome on, Chief! I know everything about Briggs.
1.83sI'm the only one who can catch him.
2.03sNo, Swanson, you're too close to the case.
3.25sI'm putting Officers Grant and Casey on it because they're so far from the case,
1.67sthey don't care about it at all.
0.43sHi, Chief.
1.1sThis isn't fair!
1.38sSwanson, you know your assignment.
3.67sYou get me the guy who's been rubbing his butt all over Dunkin' Donuts.
1.42sCan I help you?
3.17sNot illegal. Not illegal. Show me the law. Not illegal.
2.47sHey, Joe, look, I know you're down about this Briggs thing,
3.2sand that kind of bums me out, so I got you this Cookie Puss.
1.18s(CHUCKLES) Isn't that funny?
1.4sLook at that weird nose.
2.74sI think your nose is weird.
1.9sGuys, I'm telling you, I...
4.02sI just don't think I could live with Briggs on the lam for another 15 years.
1.4sWell, why don't you do something about it?
2.47sI can't do anything about it. The Chief won't let me.
1.22sJoe, if they don't find this guy,
2.03sit's gonna eat you alive for the rest of your life.
1.57sYou got to take matters into your own hands.