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1.63swhich is mostly just open water,
1.9sbut still, I'd been undercover,
4.47stracking his operation for six months and had finally gained his confidence.
2.95sI had almost gathered enough evidence to put Briggs away for good,
2.7sbut I knew a taped confession would make the case a slam dunk.
2sThis is gonna take us to the next level.
3.57sWe're gonna be banging so many hot chicks with jeans up to their navels.
2.23sBobby Briggs, you're really good at heroin.
2.14sHow much heroin is here, Bobby Briggs?
1.67sWhy are you talking like that?
1.37sAre you wearing a wire?
2.44sOh, you're dead, Joe Swansonson.
2.07sJOE: My undercover name was Swansonson.
1.13sEasy, Briggs.
2.5sYou kill a cop, they'll put you away forever.
5.15sThen get ready to spend the rest of your life as a lame gimp with an annoying-voiced wife.
1.13sJOE: He'd met Bonnie.
1.33sBriggs got away,
2.08sand I've been in this wheelchair ever since.
3.67sI like that you can tell me a story starting at the Clam and ending on a Ferris wheel.