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2.9sand Dame Fortune has hugged Montgomery Burns...
2.17sto her sweet, perfumed bosom.
1.97sSomebody up there likes me, Smithers.
2.84sSomebody down here likes you too, Sir. shut up !
1.47sDoh !
2.35sWhoo ! Doh ! Whoo !
2.44sDoh ! Whoo ! Doh ! Whoo ! Doh ! Whoo-hoo !
2.3sDoh ! Whoo-hoo ! Doh ! Whoo-hoo ! Whoo-hoo !
3.37s249 ! Yeah ! Wah-wah-wah !
2.64sMarge ! Marge ! Look at me !
2.03sMy clothes are just hangin' off me.
1.94sThat's wonderful ! Isn't it, kids ?
2.94sGreat. Pass the moo juice. Kids, remember what I told you about showing support ?
2.82sWay to go, Dad ! You look "mah-velous" !
1.83sOh, what a family.
3.27sHey, what gives ? These doughnuts are pilin' up.