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2.94sOh, why did I have to start my diet...
1.93son pork chop night ?
3.44sNow, Homer, we've got steamed vegetables and rice cakes for you.
1.9sW-W-Wait a minute.
2.74sI've been setting my drinks on these things.
2sThey're only 35 calories apiece.
2.27sHello. Hello !
2.3sHello, taste ? Where are you ?
2.6sYou can put a little something on top for flavor.
1.87sHey, now you're talkin' !
1.87sHey, Mom, these paintings are good.
2.9sWhile I know firsthand how fragile young talent is,
2.7sI'd love to hear the particulars of how your gift was squashed.
4.15sNo, not another portrait of that bongo-beating Liverpudlian.
0.45sBut, Mr. Schindler--
4.89sSomeone might have used this canvas to create a masterpiece.