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4.67sDear Sally, in response to your letter of December 12, 1966,
4.1sme favorite color is blue and me real first name is Richard.
4.19sThanks for the snapshot. You're a real cute bird. Love, Ringo.
2.64sP.S. Forgive the lateness of my reply.
3.04sMr. Starr, tea and crumpets. just set it over there.
2.22sSir, if you'll forgive an old Brit his impertinence,
2.44syour devotion to your fans is nothing short of remarkable.
2.95sWell, Wetherby, they took the time to write me,
2.94sand I don't care if it takes me another 20 years--
2.92sI'm going to answer every one of them.
2.3sHello ! What's this ?
4.79sFrom Springfield, U.S.A. ? Gear !
2.37sWill you cease that infernal tootling !
0.46sI was just practicing.
5.04sIt's hard to discover your inner beauty while you're shouting at an eight-year-old girl.