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4.07sFolks, we're just having a little family tiff. If you'll just bear with us--
2.6sOh, shut up! Always trying to act so mature.
2.97s- I'm glad you make the least money. - Oh, that's it!
0.45sHey, hey, stop it!
1.7sStop it!
1.7sYOu-- Let go of me!
1.64sBefore a riot could break out,
2.99sjimmy Carter came to the rescue with his comedy break dancing.
2.77sGot a brother named Billy and my teeth look silly
4.14sBreak it down now Whoa! Whoa!
3.15sCome on, you! I'll get--
0.42sThe dream was over.
4.92sComing up: Was the dream really over? Yes, it was.
3.55sOr was it? And Homer finds a new passion: