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1.97sattacking several flight attendants.
3.17sWhile he was in rehab, the part of Bart Simpson was played...
2.17sby his good friend Richie Rich.
2.13sBart, what do you mean you have jury duty?
1.8sDon't have a cow, Mother.
2.39sFans reacted to these...
0.45sslapdash episodes with yawns.
1.55sAngry yawns.
2.84sDesperate to polish their tarnished image, the family agreed...
3.05sto a live appearance at the iowa State Fair.
3.27sRight from the start I had a bad feeling about that gig.
3.14sit was an evening none of them would ever forget.
2.55sOr would they? No.
4.17sHello, Iowa! Does anyone have a doughnut?
3.79sNow, Homer, this is no time to be thinking about food.
4.07sYeah, forget the doughnuts. We're here to go nuts.
1.7sMusically, that is.
1.24sWhat kind of song should we play?
3.64sSomething that swings with the beat of New Orleans.