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4.57sThat man is the real Seymour Skinner.
4.04sTrendy guest stars were shamelessly trotted out to grab ratings.
2.69sIf you are looking for trouble, you've found it.
1.84sJust try me, you-- Oh!
1.95sBut there were bigger problems offscreen.
3sAfter judging a Miss Hawaiian Tropic beauty contest...
2.42sat the Sheraton Hali'a Kalua Le'a,
3.52sBart created a ruckus on a Hawaiian Airline jet,
1.97sattacking several flight attendants.
3.17sWhile he was in rehab, the part of Bart Simpson was played...
2.17sby his good friend Richie Rich.
2.13sBart, what do you mean you have jury duty?
1.8sDon't have a cow, Mother.
2.39sFans reacted to these...
0.45sslapdash episodes with yawns.
1.55sAngry yawns.
2.84sDesperate to polish their tarnished image, the family agreed...
3.05sto a live appearance at the iowa State Fair.