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2.17sit was the only way he could perform...
1.97sthe bone-cracking physical comedy... Ow! My leg!
2.3sthat made him a star. This is the worst pain ever!
1.83s- Ow! - Stop pummeling me!
3.07sIt's really painful!
3.9sWhy did I take such punishment? Let's just say that fame was like a drug.
3.47sBut what was even more like a drug was the drugs.
1.7sBut despite their mounting problems,
4.1sthe Simpsons' star continued to rise, like a plastic bag caught in an updraft.
3.3sit was such an honor to be on the Walk of Fame.
5.84si mean, there we were with Hollywood royalty like Milton Berle and Nelson Mandela.
3.77sAnd just a few stars down from the Cheerios honeybee.
3.79sAwards and honors are great, but they don't pay the pickle man.
3.74sWe were earning millions, but we were always strapped for cash.
3.52sOne time, Lisa bought a first edition of Susan B. Anthony Man.
3.57sHer check bounced higher than Rubber Girl.
1.87sWhere did the money go?
4.37sMarge lost much of the family fortune investing in birth control products.