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2.3sbut the Simpsons blew 'em all away.
2.13sThey even had a hit record.
3.12sMeanwhile, Krustophenia sits on the shelf.
3.72sNone of us had ever sung before, but Mr. Geffen believed in us.
8.31sWe're gonna groove tonight We'll make you feel all right Simpsons boogie Simpsons Boogie,
1.67sLovely to Love Your Lovin',
4.04sand Simpsons Christmas Boogie went mega-platinum and swept the Grammys.
5.69sRight. And the award for Best Hard-core Thrash Metal goes to...
2.45sSimpsons Christmas Boogie?
1.75sSimpsons Christmas Boogie
4.09sFor America's favorite family, everything was coming up roses.
3.57sBut those roses contained ready-to-sting bees.