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3.27sMmm. Ah.
2.77sConvinced that the good times would never stop rolling,
3.47sthe Simpsons moved out of their trademark house and into M.C. Hammer's.
3sWe found a secret room that was filled to the ceiling with parachute pants.
1.94sI'm wearing some now.
2.1sBut pants or no pants,
2.33sthe Simpsons were flying high.
2.62sYeah, I've seen all the overnight sensations--
3.87sBrad Hall, Rich Hall, Rich Little, Little Richard--
2.3sbut the Simpsons blew 'em all away.
2.13sThey even had a hit record.
3.12sMeanwhile, Krustophenia sits on the shelf.
3.72sNone of us had ever sung before, but Mr. Geffen believed in us.