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2.14sAnd he did.
3.27sUsing his home as the studio and his family as the cast,
3.77sthis penniless Peckinpah shot a crude five-minute Video.
2.07sMy Funny Family, take one!
2.05sAnd... action!
3.4sHoney, I'm home. The boss is coming to dinner, and I need a clean shirt.
2sI haven't done the laundry yet.
3.19sMamma mia! Now I'll have to do it!
2.1sDad, that's too much detergent. Not now!
2.5sI'm busy turning on this washing machine.
0.53sWhere's my dinner?
2.85sMamma mia!
3.72sIt was amazing how fast Dad betrayed his vision of a realistic show.
2.67sOkay, the material was a little corny.
3.1sBut Homer and I had real chemistry on screen.
2.29sEvery day I thought about firing Marge.
2.2sYou know, just to shake things up.