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0.65sAnd finally, Maggie.
3.3sNobody told us how tough it is to raise kids.
2.34sThey almost drove me to fortified wine.
3.05sThen we figured out we could park them in front of the TV.
3.5sThat's how I was raised, and I turned out TV.
2.7sI'd see 'em sitting on that couch all day long,
2.29sjust staring at that Hollywood hogwash.
5.2sOur favorite show was Hollywood Hogwash, but we also loved The Dreck Squad.
2.57sThe Malarkeys, Dumbin' it Down.
0.4sSheriff Lowbrow.
2.55sHome improvement.
3.57sBut we never saw people like us on TV.
2.87sTV families were always hugging and tackling issues.
3.77sHomer kept saying he could do a more realistic family show.
2.2sFinally, I said, "So do it.
2.14sEither or get off the pot."
2.14sAnd he did.
3.27sUsing his home as the studio and his family as the cast,
3.77sthis penniless Peckinpah shot a crude five-minute Video.