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3.37sAnd now it's time to get back to what matters-- the show.
2.1sAnd the Sunday comic strip.
3.25sWhich Homer writes himself. So you know it's great.
1.8sWhy, you little--
3.17sSo, whether choking their son or poking some fun,
3.64sthe Simpsons will keep on gagging for years to come.
3.82sI can't believe it! We won another contest!
2.82sThe Simpsons are going to Delaware!
3.75sI want to see Wilmington! I want to visit a screen door factory.
2.67sThis will be the last season.
3.79sNext week on Behind the Laughter: Huckleberry Hound.
2.15sI was so gay.
2.4sBut I couldn't tell anyone.