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3.65sBut then came help from an unexpected source.
4.52sI knew there was only one person who could reunite this troubled clan--
2.2smy old fraternity brother Willie Nelson.
2.24sI'd do anything for keg-meister julius.
1.93sSo I cooked up a phony awards show.
3.3sNot again. Time saver, my ass.
2.8sWhen Willie asked me to be a presenter at the New Awareness Awards,
3.39sI had to think about it-- for about a microsecond.
2.97sYou just don't say no to the Red Headed Stranger.
3.44sAnd when I heard it was for awareness, that sealed the deal.
2.64sWould Willie's fence-mending eggs bear fruit?
5.15sOr would his olive branch be torn apart by woodpeckers of mistrust?