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3.27sI was secretly given antigrowth hormones.
1.75sThat's ridiculous.
4.52sHow could I even get all five necessary drops into her cereal?
4.25sIn that family, nobody trusted nobody.
3.77sThey even brought their lawyers to Thanksgiving dinner.
3.49sSo, uh, how's everybody doing?
0.5sYou don't have to answer that.
2.9sShut up, all of you, or I'll sue.
2.53sOh, save it for your next book, you little snitch.
2.39sThat's assault! That is assault!
2.2sIt was the best Thanksgiving ever.
4.69sI mean, emotionally it was terrible, but the turkey was so moist.
3.55sThe carcass of the Simpsons' empire had been picked clean.
3.65sBut then came help from an unexpected source.
4.52sI knew there was only one person who could reunite this troubled clan--