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0.45sMarge put together a nightclub act.
12.48sI shot the sheriff But I did not shoot the deputy She didn't do it She didn't do it So the next time you see a sheriff, shoot him.
1.58sA smile.
1.7sGood night, Laughlin.
3.97sShe didn't do it She didn't do it
1.73sLisa sang too--
2.77sin a tell-all book blasting the family.
2.1sTo prolong the run of the series,
3.27sI was secretly given antigrowth hormones.
1.75sThat's ridiculous.
4.52sHow could I even get all five necessary drops into her cereal?
4.25sIn that family, nobody trusted nobody.
3.77sThey even brought their lawyers to Thanksgiving dinner.
3.49sSo, uh, how's everybody doing?