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3.55swith hidden camera footage from the dressing room at Ann Taylor.
3.07sThat slugfest at the state fair was really a blessing.
2.74sIt gave us a chance to pursue solo projects.
3.3sI returned to my first love-- the legitimate theater.
1.83sAs a young female artist,
3sI really love living in this East Village loft.
2.5sOh. That must be our new landlord,
1.93sMr. Stingley.
12.04sWhere is the rent I must have the rent Dollars, dimes and nickels I need them all right now I literally chewed the scenery.
3.7sThe other family members were also spreading their creative wings.
1.93sBart replaced Lorenzo Lamas...
2.9sin the syndicated action series Renegade.
3.07sIf Esposito thinks he's gonna muscle us, he's wrong.
2.05sI hear that, Renegade.
2.1sLet's do this thing.
0.45sMarge put together a nightclub act.