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2.5sYeah, we... We did one of those earlier.
2.27sYours is better, though. We probably should've waited for yours.
3.9s(GROANING) Joseph, my water just broke!
1.73s- It's time! - Oh, my God!
3.8sPlease, you've gotta have some place for us! We're desperate!
3.34sWell, there's a manger out back. You can stay there.
2sThat's fine, that's fine! We'll take it!
2.03sCHER: (OVER PA) Bethlehem!
1.77sI have one question for you!
7.57s(POP MUSIC PLAYING) Do you believe in life after love? Dah... See? I told you she'd open with that.
2.87sSo Joseph and Mary were turned away from the inn.
3.05sBut, Dad, I still don't understand the whole Immaculate Conception thing.
2.6sHow can anyone get pregnant without having sex?
1.33sOh, there's lots of stories of that, Meg.
2.64sCleveland's got a cousin who had eight girlfriends get pregnant,
2.64sand he says he's not responsible for a single one.
3.74sGood guy. You shake his hand, it feels like you're touching a nice briefcase.
1.53sBut back to our story.