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3.07sDon't worry, I'm taking this flight back to the gate.
2.07sDo you think Jeff will make it home this year?
2.89sANNOUNCER: No way, because Jeff flew Northwest.
2.34sThanks, Northwest. I hate my family.
1.5sAh, that looks great.
2.92sYou know, I think this is gonna be our best Christmas ever.
1.38sYeah, but don't get your hopes up, Lois.
2.3sI couldn't afford to get you what I got you last year.
3.14sI know how you like that song, so I got you two turtledoves.
1.5sWhere did you get these?
2.34sI went to a scientist and had them genetically engineered.
1.64sFly, beautiful turtledoves.
1.63sBring Christmas cheer to all.
4.6s(SCREECHING) (ALL YELLING) Everybody outside! We'll do the rest of Christmas outside!
1.5sGo, go, go!
3.42s(SCREAMS) The scientist also threw in wolverine teeth for free.
4.29sWhy did I say yes? They aren't even mentioned in the song!
3.79sLook, Stewie, I'm hanging the ornament you made at preschool.
2.97sJust hang it up. Why do you have to narrate everything you do?
1.65sPeter, you want to put the star on top of the...
2.6sOh, hang on, hang on, Lois, I always wanted to do this.
1.4sWait a second.