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2.6sWe're calling to say Merry Christmas. Peter's lowest what?
2.23sWe were just calling to... Are you there, dear?
2.3sI hope you got our card. We had quite a cold snap here.
2.24sOkay, nobody talk, we'll just wait for her to talk.
1.97sWell, we just wanted to... Are you still there, dear?
2.24sDamn it!
1.54sSo, how was the... It's been rather cold.
3sThe pond froze over a family of raccoons.
2.17sAll right, well, merry Christmas. Are you there, dear?
3.17sDad, can we hear more of that story about the baby Jesus?
5.11sAh, right. Now everybody listen up while I stuff the rest of this rhetoric down your throats.
3.37sNow, if you remember, Mary and Joseph were on their way to Bethlehem.
2.82sUgh, look at that. I remember when this was all desert.
3.25sYou know, when the baby comes, we could probably homeschool him.
1.73sI can count up to nine.