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2.37sHey, Italians, put a book down once in a while.
1.5sYeah, yeah, right. Definitely, yeah.
1.57sPut a book down.
2.94sHey, so, uh, you've been seeing that girl Mary for some time now.
1sShe's pretty smoking.
1.27sAw, man, she is so hot.
2.44sShe's gonna go down in history as "Hot Bitch Mary."
1.72sYou know, I'm thinking of popping the question.
2sReally? Yeah, I figure I'm 14 now,
1.35sI'm not getting any younger.
1.67sHey, look, it's the burning bush!
1.77sHail Mary, full of guys.
2sOh, come all ye face-full.
2.22sCome on, guys, that's really dirty.
0.95sHi, Joseph.
1.37sHey, Mary, what's going on?
4.1sOh, I just thought I'd take a break from pooping in the open street to come see you.
1.07sThat's nice.
1.73sListen, can you come by my house later?
2.37sThere's something important I have to share with you.
5.27sOkay, sure. I'll come by around that part of the day when the sun goes away and we're all terrified it will never come back.
1.93sOkay, bye.
1.7sWow, you're a lucky man, Joseph.