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3.67sMany years ago there was a hardworking young carpenter named Joseph,
2.7sand one day, Joseph and his friend Robby were hanging...
1.83sCHRIS: A guy's name was Robby back then?
1.97sThe Bible is fuzzy on that.
2.85sAnyway, Joseph and Robby were hanging out one day when this happened.
2.27sSo I went to see that new Oedipus play last week.
2.6sTook my mother, talk about an awkward ride home.
1.47sBarely got a good-night kiss.
1.37sHey, Joseph, check it out.
2.55sOh, my God, look at that body.
4.37sCan't you just imagine her standing on people's front lawns inside a cut-in-half bathtub?
2.3sYou should go talk to her and see if she can talk.
2.58sUh, hi. I'm... I'm Joseph.
1.97sOh, hello. I'm Mary.