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3.89sHey, if you're a virgin, how come I shot out of there like a greased-up cannonball?
3.15sGreetings! I have come to see the newborn king,
2.35sbut sadly, I bring no gift.
1.4sWell, what do you got in your hand there?
1.57sUh, my drum.
1.9sWell, then it looks like you got him a drum.
1.13sPretty good gift.
1.37sBut this is all I own.
2.3sIt's what makes me the little drummer boy.
1.73sYeah, the baby wants the drum.
2.53sYeah! Drum!
2.27sOkay, nobody touch my hair. I'm growing it out.
4.37sAlso, I'm gonna start dieting and working out so I'm like crazy lean for the, you know,
1.7sfor... (STUTTERING) For the thing.
1.6s(HOOFBEATS APPROACHING) What the deuce?
2.59sBring out the Christ Child! We want him!