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2.1sOh, you don't have to thank me. This is a big deal.
2.77sIt's not every day that God bestows a woman with his son.
1.9sHas it ever happened before? Yeah, once.
4.09sBut the woman drank during her pregnancy. The kid came out a real lemon.
2.49sI turned this water into poo!
2.47sI also turned this fish into poo!
1.47sDo you want your birthday present?
2.27sI think I know what it is.
2.37s(LAUGHS) It's a cashmere sweater.
1.8sOh, wow!
2.17sThat's actually really nice.
1.07sAnd now it's poo!
1.42sWell, here we are.
2.7sOkay, guys, squeeze in. Bible photographer.
4.4sOkay, we're smiling, we're happy to see Jesus.
1.57sThere we go.
1.73sHey, guys, watch your step in there.
2.57sThat floor's gonna be dripping in virgin olive oil.
1.67s- That's kind of hot. - Gross.
2.72sHello, we are the three wise men.