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4.4sAnd that's why you're allowed to eat as much mozzarella as you want in any church.
3.39sSo the three wise men set off again on their journey.
1.07sYou sure this is the right way?
3.15sYes, I'm sure. We follow the star.
1.63sAre you sure that's a star?
1.6sWe've had this conversation!
1.5sYes, it's a star!
1.5sIt's got flashing red lights!
1.95sOh, my God! It is a fucking plane!
2sI said that yesterday, you stupid idiot!
1.93sHey, thanks for coming out on such late notice, Doc.
2.1sOh, you don't have to thank me. This is a big deal.
2.77sIt's not every day that God bestows a woman with his son.
1.9sHas it ever happened before? Yeah, once.
4.09sBut the woman drank during her pregnancy. The kid came out a real lemon.