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2.1sI'm sorry, but I can go no further.
1.2sWhat? Why not?
1.5sIf I enter Connecticut,
3.4sI'm entering every state that Connecticut's ever been with.
2.07sGood luck, brave travelers.
2.63sNo! We were so close.
3.3sI say, what a bit of serendipity. Now we've got that fellow's address.
2.27sLet's see. "Aspen, Colorado."
2.73sWell, you can forget that. We're not going all the way to Aspen.
2.14sWhat? But I can't leave Rupert to perish.
4.94sFor the rest of my life, I'll be as lonely as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, after the rapture.
2.4sDamn it, Jerry, why are we the only ones still here?
1.93sI don't know. We hated all the right things.
1.37sNow there's nothing left to hate.
2.27sI'm gonna hate that rock. No, I'm gonna hate that rock.
1.17sLet's both hate that rock.
2.23sI hate you. I hate you, too.
1.57sLook, Stewie.
2.14sDon't you think at some point you're going to have to let Rupert go?
1.93sI mean, you are getting a little old to have a teddy bear.