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2.67sDamn you, Brian. How could you sell Rupert?
3.37sWhat you've done is more horrible than sex with Sharon Stone.
1.53sWow, that was great.
1.93sOne minute I'm filling up at Chevron,
2.04sand the next I'm having sex with Sharon Stone.
2.5sYeah. Now comes the best part.
3.9sGet out of the fridge, Peter. There is no Peter, only Zuul.
3.17sI said get out of the fridge. All right, all right.
3.47sJeez, Lois, I'm just trying to amuse myself, since I don't have a damn driver's license.
3.54sLook, Peter, it's getting a little annoying having you around the house all the time.
3.2sSo you'll be happy to know I got you your own personal driver.
2.67sMy own driver? Holy crap, that's awesome.
2.54sWhere is he? She's right here, Peter.
1.57sMeg? Yeah, Dad.
1.9sI don't mind driving you around till you get your license back.
2.44sWhat? Lois, this is the best you could do?
2.9sWell, it was either Meg or a talking monkey smoking a cigar,
2.24sbut I didn't think you'd like that.