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3.04sa little time away from the bar will do you some good.
2.5sI'll show her. I'll just go to another bar.
1.77sMAN ON TV: We now return to Cheers.
1.64sNorm. Norm.
1.57sAnd Peter. Yeah.
2.53s- How's life in the fast lane, Mr. Peterson? - Griffin.
1.77sI can't find the on-ramp, Woody.
4.07sHe was talking to me, Norm. Quit stealing my punch lines, you fat drunk.
3.64sThat show stopped being funny after Kirstie Alley ate Shelley Long.
3.9sOh, man, now I can't even watch TV. What the hell am I gonna do all day?
2.3sThat's all right, that's okay. I don't need TV.
2.27sI'll just make my own sitcom in my head.
2.7sAnd I'll give it an upbeat '80s sitcom theme.
2.84sThis time around I'm staying at home
3.1sAnd things are gonna get better
3sSettling in, loving my wife
3.34sBut then I got that letter
2.9sMy black son, my black son
3sNow each day my heart is getting bigger
4.57sDon't even remember sleeping with that lady, but I did