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1.93sIt was like what life did to Dana Plato.
3.84sMeg, how could you do that? You should call that man and apologize.
2.6sHey, hey, hey, don't you talk to her like that.
2.1sMeg's as cool as the other side of the pillow.
2.77sBilly Dee Williams. Hello, Peter.
4.57sWelcome to the cool side of the pillow. You've had a hard day.
4.27sRest that weary head of yours and drift on off to dreamland.
3.47sWorks every time.
3.07sWell, this is the place. Looks pretty fancy.
4.57s(DOORBELL RINGING) Can I help you? Ah, yes, my name's Brian.
1.53sLook, to make a long story short,
3.34sI accidentally sold you a teddy bear back in Rhode Island,
3.2sand I kind of need it back.