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3.07sI see these kids now with "jive" printed on their shirts.
3.3sNow, I can teach you how you're supposed to say "jive."
2.44sDad! Please just drive the car, Dad.
2.3sI'm watching the road, sweetie.
1.97s"You jive turkey!" See?
1.9sYou got to sass it.
2.44s"Quit jivin' me, turkey!"
1.87sYou got to sass it.
2.74sA turkey is a bad person.
2.9sKFSL-- Fossil 103.
2.87sClassic hits from ABBA to Zeppelin, comma, Led.
3.47swe are winners and losers
1.97sTell him!
2.84sUh, Mr. Simpson, sir?
2.94sCan you please change the radio station?
2.57sBut this is Grand Funk Railroad.