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3.5sDo you feel like we do, Springfield?
4.64sYeah! Do y-- Wait. Do ya-- Do ya feel--
2.97sDo-- Do ya feel--
3.77sOh, come on! Do you feel--
2.4sHomer Simpson wrecks my pig,
1.93sCypress Hill steals my orchestra...
2.44sand Sonic Youth's in my cooler!
2.04sGet out of there, you kids!
3.64sOh, come on, Mr. Frampton. You're not gonna eat all that watermelon.
3.1sPlease! I'm trying to perform.
2.57sGo ahead. We'll stay here and guard your cooler.
2.4sTwenty-five years I've been in this-- I've never--
4.3sAnd now, Springfield, this is the moment that you've been waiting for!
4.64sThe man who embodies everything about rock and roll-- except the music.
3.27sGive it up for your very own homegrown hero,
2.07sHomer Simpson!