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2.8smy prize-winning dioramas--
2.1sthese things mean nothing to them ?
3.6sPerhaps another demonstration. Huh !
2.6sVery well. You have made your point, Bart.
0.48sThen it's a deal ?
3.14sAll righty, let's have a look-see at your study area.
0.27sStudy area ?
1.97sYes, your sanctuary...
2sfrom the hurly-burly of modern life.
3.19sWell, there's a desk under that junk over there.
2.89sOh. Tsk, tsk. No, no, no, no. This won't do at all.
1.74sWe're gonna have to clean up this room,
2.07sand we'll clearly need a few ferns in here.
3sNo study area is complete without adequate plant life.
2.25sNo ?
2.97sOnly geeks sit in the front seat. From now on, you sit in the back row.