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3.45sNumber two ? Oh, yeah. That seems right.
2.72sAhh !
4.57sHere you go, Mrs. Krabappel. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
2.8sWhy, this test is worse than Milhouse's exam.
3.97sBart Simpson, I warned you. This is the final straw.
2sMr. and Mrs. Simpson, I think you know...
2.99sour district psychiatrist, Dr. J. Loren Pryor.
0.57sHey, Dr. J.
3.42sI think what we have on our hands here...
4.57sis a classic case of what laymen refer to as fear of failure.
4.04sAs a result, Bart is an underachiever, and yet he seems to be--
3.1show shall I put this-- proud of it.
2.1sOne of his problems may be his short attention span...