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3.64sThe hunt is on.
3.12sOh, they have the Internet on computers now.
1.6sHomer, Bill Gates is here.
3.59sBill Gates? Billionaire computer nerd Bill Gates?
2.25sOh, my God. Oh, my God. Get out of sight, Marge.
3.03sI don't want this to look like a two-bit operation.
1.75sMr. Simpson?
1.17sYou don't look so rich.
2.7sDon't let the haircut fool you. I'm exceedingly wealthy.
2.67sGet a load of the bowl job, Marge.
2.19sYour Internet ad was brought to my attention,
4.1sbut I can't figure out what, if anything, CompuGlobalHyperMeganet does.
4.3sSo, rather than risk competing with you, I've decided simply to buy you out.
3.14sThis is it, Marge. I poured my heart and soul into this business,
1.93sand now it's finally paying off.
2.49sWe're rich! Richer than astronauts!
2.57sHomer, quiet! You'll queer the deal.
4.45sOh. Right. I reluctantly accept your proposal.
2.57sWell, everyone always does.