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1.56sThe owner ofthe plant is gone!
3.63sAll that's left is this little mirror he used to amuse himself.
2.99sHello, pretty boy. That's quite a beak on you.
3.2sHoo-hoo. Who wants a kiss? Who wants a kiss?
1.47sMr. Burns!
3.03sThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission is here for a surprise inspection!
2.94sGood Lord! That canary was supposed to be my pigeon!
1.73sI need to find a patsy quick.
2.13s- Hello! - Yes, yes, hello.
2.3s- Now, I need to find a patsy. - Hello!
1.73sYou’re quite the friendly fellow...
2.33sbut right now I'm looking for a patsy.
1.03sYou bumbling fool!
2.63s- I keep telling you I'm looking for a patsy! - Hello!
2.03sThis moon-faced simpleton...
2.49sis continually interrupting my search for a patsy.
2.16sWhy- Oh! Hello!
2.16sWhy are you looking at me like that?
2.09sNow, a few more details about this year's company picnic.
2.06sts at the plant, no food will be served...
2.94sthe only activity will be work, and the picnic is canceled.